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The type of security you need is depending on several things, what type of property you have, what your expectations are, your budget, and of course what your needs are.
Not always is the most expensive choice the better one, and sometimes a combination of two security products gives you the best result.
We come to your property or company to listen to your needs and provide you a customized suggestion for your needs. 


Wireless. No monthly fees. Sense the air pressure


Reduces incoming heat up to 80%.
Blocks 99% of UV light and prevents furniture and flooring bleach.
Sunsblockfilm can cut your heating or cooling costs by 30%. 

Outer sun shield

New modern design! Own production
External aluminum sunshade – also works as insight protection / burglary protection

Security film

Security films delayes intrusion & consequences of broken glass


Efficient sun blocker and a good add on to our sunblocker film. We cooperate with local producers in Torrevieja.

Sun curtains

Own production!
The sun curtain is an efficient sunblocker and complement to the sunblocker film. 80% of the sun energy is being reflected. Also available as dim-out curtain.

LCD film - electronically controlled

The film of the future!
With a simple push on a button you can turn on or off the transparency of the film, providing you the perfect confidentiality protection you need.

Kostnadsfri rådgivning

Vi kommer till ditt hem eller företag där vi diskuterar igenom ditt behov och ger dig en offert.

Security alarms from Sun & Security

Safety for you and your home. Wherever you are. 

We install security alarms from alAIRm. You can chose between local alarm or alarm with GSM.

Siente la presión del aire

Sin cuota mensual!

Funciona con mascotas

Sistema inalámbrico

Protege toda la casa y todos los pisos

120 dB alarm

En alarma cuando estás en casa

Alarm works even with power failure

About us

Sun & Security is an authorized and market leading film producer with more than 15 years of experience from the market. 
År 2018 Sun & Security expanded to Spain, based in Torrevieja and covering the entire Costa del Sol.


Years in the market


Customer satisfaction guarantee

Result is key.


The result is the key factor for us. We provide a customized consltation where we focus on your needs and your property’s character.

With this taken into consideration, we suggest a solution for alarm and sun block. We want you to enjoy the safety and comfort provided by us for many years. 



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